EVP Session from Cannonsburg Cemetery

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EVP Session from Cannonsburg Cemetery

Post  silent_place on Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:54 pm

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Recorded by: Jen

Record Date: 30 October, 2009

Participants: Jen, Megan, Brian, Matt, Sarah, The Scotts

Location: Cannonsburg Cemetery, Cannonsburg Township, MI

Analysis (by Jen):

1.) 00:00:22 - On trail behind cemetery. Whisper sounding like "hi."

2.) 00:02:42 - Jen: "I'm ready for stuff." Voice sounding like "yeah."

3.) 00:03:13 - Jen: "Oh, you're walking on the dead..." Unexplained voice/whisper.

4.) 00:14:19 - Matt asks spirits to speak into the DVR. Response sounds like breathy "hah" or "hi."

5.) 00:16:16 - Whisper sounds like "help."

6.) 00:22:22 - Jen: "We can keep our lights turned off 'cause this is fairly bright." Voice sounds like "yeah" mid-sentence.

7.) 00:23:01 - Jen: "If there's anyone here, give us a sign..." followed by unexplained breathing.

8.)00:23:59 - Jen turned on digital camera. Unexplained noise follows it,but it is not the camera; its distinct sound ends around 00:23:57.

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