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Aquinas College

Post  silent_place on Thu Jan 08, 2009 7:29 pm

Let me start off by posting a link to something I wrote for Michigan's Other Side:

Look here!

That was before I investigated AQ.

Two comrades and I decided to have a ghost hunt on Halloween of 2008. We roamed around the third floor of AB and got nothing. (This is where, months before, I heard a voice say my name in the bathroom and saw a shadow man pass by my Japanese classroom.)

We decided to walk through the woods behind Holmdene. We didn't get anything at first. Then we got closer to Holmdene. We heard some footsteps we couldn't really seem to trace. The footsteps were louder than something a small animal might make, and they were fairly continuous. At one point, we heard two distinct sets of footsteps.

We decided to try solo vigils. I went off taking pictures around the building. I used my digital camera and saw nothing with my own two eyes. Lights were on in the building, which produced some neat lighting effects in the shots, but there is one I couldn't explain. I wouldn't have even noticed if someone hadn't pointed it out to me. When I uploaded it onto my computer, I zoomed in as close as I could.

I honestly don't know what I captured.

While watching the video, I noticed something else that we didn't actually experience during the hunt, but it somehow came up on audio. We were in the Holmdene garden, walking toward the fountain nearest to the side of AMC. One of my companions asked if there were any spirits with us, and, while we heard nothing at the time and do not recall anyone walking by at this moment, there was a female voice saying, "Ye-es." It sounded more like an echo, but it was strong and close. None of us said it, and it didn't show up on the voice recorder.

Unfortunately, since we're not an actual club on campus, we weren't able to enter Holmdene to investigate. I'm sure we would've had much more to talk about!

Has anyone else investigated around AQ?

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Re: Aquinas College

Post  Nicole_paranormalauthor on Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:46 pm

I am thinking of adding Holmdene as a chapter for my next book. Let me know what you have heard about thsi location, and any experiences you may have had. Actual names will not be used unless you request that they do.
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